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Cutting Ice With A Continuous High-Pressure Water Jet
Authors: Shvaishtein ZI
Year: 1973
Keywords: TL 397, analysis (mathematics), hydraulic jets, ice breakers, ice breaking, ice cover strength, ice cover thickness, ice navigation, sea ice
Periodical/Journal: CRREL TL 397
Abstract: In a study of the possible techniques of cutting ice by an "icecutter", it was clarified that, in addition to the mechanical devices for cutting and breaking down the ice, it is feasible to utilize a high-pressure water jet. The possibility of the utilization of such jets is particularly important for cutting relatively thick ice (from 0.5m and more) since the mechanical means (disk cutters, etc.) are fairly complicated. During the movement of the icecutter, from a hydrocompressor mounted on the ship, through shaped nozzles, we feed continuous high-pressure jets with which a number of parallel blocks are cut.
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