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Report on Drillers' Workshop: University of Wisconsin-Madison April 6-8, 2010
Authors: IDDO
Year: 2010
Keywords: workshop, drillers, report

Executive Summary

The Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) sponsored a workshop of drillers and engineers involved with the design, maintenance, and operation of the agile drills in the Ice Drilling Design and Operations (IDDO) inventory during the spring of 2010. The workshop was held April 6-8, 2010 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was attended by six contract drillers, nine people directly associated with IDDO, and the three IDPO PIs. Drill systems specifically discussed during the workshop were the 4-inch, the Badger-Eclipse, hand augers, and the Rapid Air Movement (RAM).

Objectives of the workshop were
1. The development of a framework for the discussion of the drill systems.
2. Discussion of the individual drill systems, their strong points and improvements needed.
3. Evaluation of the IDDO field procedures, if time.

To start the workshop a general discussion was held on the steps necessary to successfully provide field support to science projects involving ice drilling. The discussion centered primarily around the "human infrastructure" needed to support drilling projects, i.e., the people involved and the processes for interaction between those people.

In defining a framework for the discussion of the drill systems, the participants developed and prioritized lists of parameters affecting the quality or success of a drilling project and characteristics of drill systems and their operation that influence quality. The participants then defined the relationship between the quality parameters and the drill characteristics with emphasis on the hardware rather than procedures. The lists and their relationship to one another were not so important in themselves as was the establishment of a common language for discussing the drills themselves.

Discussions of the 4-Inch, Badger-Eclipse, hand auger, and RAM drill systems consisted of initiating failure modes and effects analyses (FMEA), a method of defining risks involved with equipment and methods of mitigating those risks, and a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the drill systems. These discussions along with the various end-of-season field project reports prepared by the drillers will be used by the IDDO engineers to develop prioritized lists of upgrades and general maintenance needed by each of the drill systems.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time to review the field support procedures, although some of the comments and concerns expressed during the workshop will help guide their revision.

As a result of the workshop and other discussions, IDDO will undertake a number of improvements to the program to improve the support of field projects.

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