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Drilling To Observe Subglacial Conditions and Sliding Motion
Authors: Harrison WD and Kamb B
Year: 1976
Periodical/Journal: Ice-Core Drilling (ed. J.F. Splettstoesser), University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE
Page Range: 37-43

Our ignorance of what happens at the bed of a glacier is the outstanding problem in glacier flow, and serious drilling efforts are necessary for its solution. Some of the problems encountered in a small-scale drilling project to make observations at the bed of a glacier are discussed. These include the problems of thermal and cable-tool drilling and bailing in dirty, actively-deforming temperate ice using back-packable equipment, the problems of borehole photography and water turbidity, and the possible effect of the borehole on the conditions observed.

ISSN/ISBN: 0-8032-5843-7
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