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The USA CRREL Shallow Drill
Authors: Rand JH
Year: 1976
Periodical/Journal: Ice-Core Drilling (ed. J.F. Splettstoesser), University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE
Page Range: 133-137

The USA CRREL shallow drill is an electromechanical device designed for continuous coring in firn and ice to a depth of 100 m. The drill bores a 14-cm-diameter hole while obtaining a core 10 cm in diameter at a penetration rate up to 1 m/min in -20°C ice. The cuttings are transported by spiral brush auger flights to a container above the core-storage section. The core and cuttings are removed from the drill after each 1 m run. Additional components include: 100 m of a seven-conductor electromechanical cable, a 6.8-m tower, a hoist which is ski-mounted, and a three-phase 220-V AC gasoline generator. All the equipment has been designed to be transported in a Twin Otter ski-equipped plane and assembled and operated by two men. The total weight of the drill and associated components is 818 kg. The minimum estimated time required to drill 100 m and retrieve core is 15 hours.

ISSN/ISBN: 0-8032-5843-7
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