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Comparison of Ice Coring Options for the Antarctic Inland Core Project
Authors: ICDS
Year: 2003
Abstract: ICDS was given the task to evaluate options for a new US deep ice coring drill based on science goals and requirements outlined by the ICWG. A design team consisting of representatives from a number of organizations was formed to gather information and present options that included developing a US version of the successful European EPICA drill and a new drill (DISC drill) based on the lessons learned from the EPICA and other deep ice coring drills.

A basic assumption in the evaluation was that the science goals and requirements approved by the ICWG were to be used as the "yardstick" in the evaluation. The fundamental goal of the drill system is to extract science quality ice cores. The next US deep ice coring drill system must also protect the safety and health of those participating in field projects and the natural environment while keeping logistical needs and expenses within reasonable constraints. Core handling and basic logistics for each option was also assumed to be the same for each option considered.
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