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Mechanical Drill for Deep Coring in Temperate Ice
Authors: Arnason B, Bjornsson H and Theodorsson P
Year: 1974
Periodical/Journal: Journal of Glaciology
Volume: 13
Number: 67
Page Range: 133-139

A rotary drill for deep coring in temperate ice has been constructed and tested. The total length of the drill is 6 m and its weight is 100 kg. A steel armoured cable carries power to the 2 h.p. electric motor of the drill. The diameter of the core is 90 mm and the maximum length of core is 2 m. An antifreeze mixture at the bottom of the hole was necessary to prevent refreezing of ice chips on the cutting bits.

A 415 m deep hole was drilled during the summer of 1972 into the temperate accumulation area of Vatnajokull. Core recovery was 99 percent. Because of a fault in the cable the bottom wasn't reached.

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