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New Horizons in Drill Development
Authors: Koci BR
Year: 1984
Periodical/Journal: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop/Symposium on Ice Drilling Technology (eds G. Holdsworth, K.C. Kuivinen and J.H. Rand), CRREL Special Report 84-34
Page Range: 51-54

New materials for cables and cutters are discussed in relation to lightweight and efficiency. Kevlar, used as the strength member in an electromechnical cable, reduces weight by 70 percent and allows the use of smaller diameter sheaves and winches. Efficient cutters and core breakers are discussed along with a selection of materials suitable for drilling in cold ice. Use of small diameter hermetically-sealed heaters in a ring are also discussed to complete this 200 m system which can be backpacked into remote areas. This drill can take 7.6-cm or 10-cm diameter cores in lengths varying from 1- to 2-m. The approximate weight of the system is 400 kg and the cube is 1.2 m3 with minor variations depending on which drill is chosen.

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