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"Climatopic" Thermal Probe
Authors: Gillet F, Rado C, Marec G, Maitre M, Perrin J and Ricou G
Year: 1984
Periodical/Journal: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop/Symposium on Ice Drilling Technology (eds G. Holdsworth, K.C. Kuivinen and J.H. Rand), CRREL Special Report 84-34
Page Range: 95-99

Stable isotope analysis of melt water recovered by a thermal probe can give a continuous record of climatic changes. The "climatopic" probe has a small diameter (43 mm) and needs only low power (2250 W) on the head to reach practical drilling speeds usually lying between 5 and 8 m/h. With runs up to 6 m we hope to drill deeper than 3000 m in a single summer. Because of the limited power requirements, the necessary cable weights only 1050 Kg and the overall equipment is relatively light (8000 Kg completely packed) and easy to transport. The amount of fluid needed for the hole is also limited to about 2.5 L/m.

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