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Design and Logistic Requirements for Ice Coring and Sample Return from Remote High Altitude Locations
Authors: Koci B
Year: 1988
Keywords: High altitude
Periodical/Journal: Ice Core Drilling. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology (eds C. Rado and D. Beaudoing)
Page Range: 24-27

Ice coring and sample return from remote locations above 5,000 meters accessible only by foot or pack animals presents some interesting design challenges. Projects in Peru and China have demonstrated that good quality cores to bedrock can be retrieved and samples returned in a frozen state for detailed laboratory analysis.

A description of the drilling systems, power sources applicable to high altitudes, and equipment/core packaging for long rough journeys will be considered.

Electromechanical and thermal drilling systems will be discussed along with the use of composites, solar, wind and mechanical generation systems.

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