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Part I: Russian Drilling Antarctic Bibliography
Authors: Talalay PG
Year: 2004
Periodical/Journal: Russian Ice Drilling Bibliography (St. Petersberg State Mining Institute)

Russian Drilling Antarctic Bibliography is considered to be the first part of the Ice Drilling Published Database compiled by the recommendation of the MEETING ON DEEP ICE CORE DRILLING (16-19 September, 2004, Schneefernerhaus meteorological observatory, Germany).

Russian Drilling Antarctic Bibliography consists from almost ninety references published mainly in Russian journals and collections of scientific articles such as Data of Glaciological Studies, Information Bulletin of Soviet Antarctic Expedition, Transactions of Soviet Antarctic Expedition, Transactions of Leningrad Mining Institute, etc. Some of them were written or translated to English (such references are marked by * in the front of the first author).

Most of the bibliographies are accompanied by the codes of the US literature databases (ReoRef, CRREL Acc., etc.). For example, the GeoRef database is compiled by American Geological Institute (AGI) and includes Antarctic Bibliography and Bibliography on Cold Regions Science and Technology []. All documents of the GeoRef database can be ordered through AGI's GeoRef Document Delivery Service [].

The world's largest collection of international polar databases, including CRREL's Bibliography on Cold Regions Science & Technology, is available only by CRREL employees. Non-CRREL employee should contact National Information Services Corporation (NISC USA) [].

In order to help using of Russian Drilling Antarctic Bibliography, all bore-holes drilled by Russian researches in Antarctica are listed in Appendix.

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