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The 1990 Greenland Field Season After Operations Report For NSF-Sponsored Projects
Authors: Peterzen S
Year: 1990
Periodical/Journal: PICO OR-90-02
Page Range: 1-21

"The 1989 Greenland Field Season After Operations Report for NSF-Sponsored Projects" has been prepared to summarize the field activities of, and logistical support for, 1989 National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs (NSF-DPP)sponsored research projects in Greenland. The Polar Ice Coring Office (PICO) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) provides administrative support, field operations management and coordination of logistical requirements for NSF-sponsored projects under NSF contract DPP88-20948. PICO's primary responsibilities are to support NSF Division of Polar Programs (DPP) glaciology projects and, secondarily, to support other DPP projects and those sponsored by other Divisions within NSF. PICO operations support includes: 1) arrangements for personnel and equipment transportation between the U.S. and Greenland, 2) military clearances for personnel access to air base facilities in Greenland, 3) on-site coordination of field activities originating at Sondrestrom Air Base, 4) control and maintenance of an inventory of field camp equipment that includes; over-snow vehicles, shelter/tents, kitchen supplies, radios, generators and fuels, and 5) liaison between NSF, the scientists and civilian military support subcontractors. PICO also provides: 1) ice core and hot water drilling services, 2) the loan of non-technical drilling equipment, and 3) borehole logging equipment and services to NSF-DPP glaciological and geophysical projects.

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