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A Case for n-Butyl Acetate A Safe, Auto-Dense Ice Core Drilling Fluid
Authors: Gosink TA, Tumeo MA, Koci BR and Burton TW
Year: 1989
Periodical/Journal: PICO TR-89-03
Page Range: 1-20

Because of the potential health, safety and environmental risks associated with the use of compounds currently used as drilling fluids, the Polar Ice Coring Office (PICO) conducted a chemical literature survey in an effort to identify a drilling fluid with the necessary viscosity and density characteristics that would minimize health and safety risks for workers, cause minimal environmental impact, and not compromise the scientific integrity of the ice core sample. The results were published in a PICO Technical Report 89-2 (Gosink, 1989-PICO TR 89-2). Of nearly 250,000 compounds electronically surveyed, 11 potential drilling fluids were identified. Of these eleven, only two fully meet the constraints imposed by technical, scientific, health, safety and environmental concerns. This report briefly reviews the past report, and presents the case for butyl acetate, and to a lesser extent for anisole.

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