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Deep Drill Status Report
Authors: Wumkes MA
Year: 1990
Periodical/Journal: PICO TR-90-02
Page Range: 1-25

The 1990 GISP2 drilling season began 11 June 1990 and ran until 7 September 1990. During this time the entire drill and drill handling system were constructed. (Fig 1) This consisted of, among other things, a 33-meter high twin tower assembly, the carousel drill handling system, the drill fluids handling and recovery systems, the ventilation system, as well as the core-handling line where the core was extracted and initially logged. Also installed was 77-meters of 25-centimeters diameter drill casing. All of these components are housed inside a 17-meter diameter geodesic dome.

These construction tasks were completed in two stages. Stage 1 aimed primarily at achieving the tasks necessary to put the drill into position producing dry core. Stage 2 was primarily for the purpose of preparing the drill for wet drilling.

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