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DSS/Law Dome Drill
Citation Year
Talalay P, Fan X, Zheng Z, Xue J, Cao P, Zhang N, Wang R, Yu D, Yu C, Zhang Y, Zhang Q, Su K, Yang D, Zhan J . 2014 . Anti-torque systems of electromechanical cable-suspended drills and test results, Annals of Glaciology, Volume 55, Number 68, Pages 207-218, doi: 10.3189/2014AoG68A025 2014
Morgan V, Wehrle E, Fleming A, Richardson M, Elcheika A and Brand R . 1994 . Technical aspects of deep ice drilling on Law Dome, Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research, Special Issue No. 49, Pages 78-86 1994
Etheridge DM and Wookey CW . 1988 . Ice Core Drilling at a High Accumulation Area of Law Dome, Antarctica, 1987, Ice Core Drilling. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology (eds C. Rado and D. Beaudoing), Pages 86-96 1988
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