DISC Drill - Request Regarding Community Interest

The U.S. Ice Drilling Program is planning use of its drills for the coming decade. If you intend to submit a proposal to the NSF that would require use of the DISC Drill, please send an email expressing your intent to Icedrill@Dartmouth.edu before August 15, 2021.

Additional information: Deep drilling at Hercules Dome will be conducted using the Foro 3000 Drill. A comparison of Foro 3000 Drill and DISC Drill capabilities and associated logistics requirements is available at https://icedrill.org/library/disc-drill-vs-foro-3000-drill-analysis (see Table 1, page 11).

Table 1. Comparison of DISC Drill and Foro 3000 Drill system parameters for a 2,800 m deep project


Thank you for contributing to future planning for the U.S. Ice Drilling Program!