Seeking Scientist Input on Outreach Needs

Dear All,

As you know, the Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) was established to coordinate long-term and short-term planning in collaboration with the greater US and international ice science community, and to be the principle supplier of ice drilling and ice coring support and expertise for NSF-funded research; . IDPO is in the process of developing its education and outreach efforts. As Education Program Manager, I'd love to know how we can best make use of my expertise in formal and informal education and save you time in conducting outreach! One of our early targets is to create quality turn-key presentation materials and associated activities for you to use in your outreach to teachers and schools. We can also help coordinate that and work with your teacher or informal educator colleagues. To help guide this development or to suggest alternative ideas, please complete the attached questionnaire, and return the file to me at your earliest convenience, preferably by February 15th.

With appreciation,
Linda Morris
IDPO Education Program Manager

Ice Drilling Program Office Request for Input: 5-year Science Plan

A draft version of the U.S. 5-year Science Plan outlining ice drilling and coring research has been posted to the website at

Please look it over and send updates or recommended edits to now or before June 8. This plan will articulate the science driving planning of U.S. ice coring and drilling technology development and maintenance and will be updated yearly.

Thanks for your input!
Mary, Mark, and Charlie

News from the newly-formed U.S. Ice Drilling Program Office

1. Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) and Ice Drilling Design and Operations group (IDDO)
2. Call for members for Senior Advisory Board of IDPO
3. Call for U. S. ice drilling project white papers

1. Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) and Ice Drilling Design and Operations group (IDDO)
The U.S. Ice Drilling Program comprises scientists seeking to better understand evidence of the past archived in and under polar ice sheets and high-latitude glaciers, along with drillers who enable the science. Discoveries about changes in climate and the environment, using evidence from glaciers and ice sheets, inform environmental policy. The Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) is funded as a cooperative agreement with NSF to coordinate long-term and short-term planning for the greater US ice science community, and to oversee the Ice Drilling Design and Operations group (IDDO), to ensure that the drilling technology will be there when needed by the science.

Cooperative Agreements with Dartmouth College, University of Wisconsin and University of New Hampshire established the collaborative IDPO. A Cooperative Agreement was also signed with University of Wisconsin for the establishment of the IDDO. We will be releasing our web page in early April. In the meantime you may contact the IDPO by sending an email to icedrill(at)Dartmouth(dot)edu (Please put "Icedrill" in the subject line of the email to help eliminate spam).

2. Call for members for Senior Advisory Board of IDPO
The IDPO is currently seeking members from the U.S. ice drilling community to serve on its Senior Advisory Board (SAB). The IPO will work closely with the SAB (and with other groups, organizations, and individuals) to develop comprehensive long term and short term science plans for the US research community. SAB members should have extensive experience in an area of science that requires ice coring or drilling. The plans will be used to guide development of coring and drilling equipment. To nominate yourself or someone else for the SAB, please contact Ed Brook at brooke(at)geo(dot)oregonstate(dot) edu. Nominations are needed by March 8, 2009.

3. Call for U. S. ice coring and drilling project white papers
The initial plans developed by IDPO will factor in existing white papers that have been developed by the ice coring and drilling communities. If your research community has white papers, documents or plans that you intend to pursue in the near-term or long term future, please send a copy to: Icedrill(at)Dartmouth(dot)edu. In your email, please identify the person associated with each white paper who will serve as the point of contact for IDPO.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to working with you!

Mary Albert
Executive Director, IDPO

Charlie Bentley
Director of Drilling Technology, IDPO

Mark Twickler
Director of Communications, IDPO