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Science Requirements: Agile Sub-Ice Geological Drill
Authors: U.S. Science Community and IDPO
Year: 2014
Keywords: science requirements, geologic drilling

The IDPO Long Range Science Plan 2013 identified science goals for ice drilling that spanned a wide range of science targets. One of the goals is to develop a better understanding the extent and volume of ice sheets under paleoclimatic conditions warmer than the present (e.g. Eemian). Cosmogenic nuclides in rock beneath ice sheets can reveal former ice sheet extent and the timing and duration of past exposure periods. Under ice less than 700m thick, nimble methods for reconnaissance recovery of small rock cores are needed for use near outcrops and near the ice margins. From virtual discussions initiated by IDPO in November 2013 with follow-up teleconferences and discussions with the research community and with IDDO staff, the following are the science requirements for the drill:

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