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Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID)
Citation Year
Allie Balter, Lucas H Beem, John W Goodge, Sean Gulick, Chloe Gustafson, David Harwood, Jennifer Lamp, Amy Leventer, Amelia Schevenell, Matthew R Siegfried, Perry Spector, John Stone, Slawek Tulaczyk, Sophie Warny, Paul Winberry, Dale Winebrenner, Duncan Young . 2019 . White Paper: Assessment of East Antarctic Ice Sheet sensitivity to warming and its potential for contributions to sea level rise, Ice Drilling Program Subglacial Access Working Group Science Planning Workshop, March 29-30, 2019, Herndon, Virginia, USA, Pages 1-18 2019
Chris J Gibson . 2019 . ASIG-Air Drop Test Report, Document #8323-0025, Pages 1-9 2019
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Schiermeier Q . 2016 . Speedy Antarctic drills start hunt for Earth's oldest ice, Nature, Volume 540, Pages 18-19 2016
Witze A . 2015 . Super-fast Antarctic drills ready to hunt for oldest ice, Nature, Volume 526, Pages 618-619, doi: 10.1038/526618a 2015
Goodge J, Severinghaus J, and IDPO/IDDO . 2014 . Science Requirements: Rapid Access Ice Drill, 2014
Ice Drilling Design and Operations . 2012 . Rapid Access Ice Drill: A Drilling System Equipped for Rapid Transit over Glacial Ice, Equipped for On-the-Fly Ice Coring and Subglacial Rock Coring, and Suitable for Regional Geological Mapping and Glaciology , University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 2012
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