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Replicate Ice Coring System INFO SHEET
Authors: IDPO/IDDO
Year: 2011
Keywords: directional, replicate, deviation

Replicate coring is the act of deviating out of an existing borehole to collect additional ice samples from depth intervals of particular interest. Replication of results is fundamental to science, and the ability to obtain additional ice samples from "intervals of scientific interest" will aid in the replication and verification of key results from ice core science. In addition, within a given ice core, scientific demand for ice samples is very unevenly distributed, with the ice core archive being completely depleted in depth intervals of high scientific interest. Replicate coring allows scientists to obtain additional ice samples from intervals of high scientific interest without needing to re-locate the drill to bore another hole. This document provides an overview of the Replicate Ice Coring System developed by IDDO.

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