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Some features of ice drilling technology by a drill on a hoisting cable
Authors: Vasiliev NI
Year: 2002
Periodical/Journal: Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research, Special Issue No. 56
Page Range: 136-141
Abstract: Ice core drilling is optimized by analyzing the main factors that influence the drilling time. These factors are the depth of the bore-hole, power of the driving motor of the winch, mean speed of lowering and hoisting, speed of penetration, penetration per run and time of surface operations. One of the major characteristics which influences the drilling time is the mean travel speed. This paper presents the equations for calculation of the mean travels speed depending on the depth of drilling and other factors. The influence of the main factors on the total time is analyzed. The mean travels speed is a more significant factor than penetration per run. The influence of the power of the winch driving motor is similar to that of the mean travel speed. Determination of the optimal values of factors allow optimization of deep ice drilling accounting for the features of drilling.
ISSN/ISBN: 0386-0744
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