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Telemetering and Remote Control Circuits for a 4000 m Thermal Drill
Authors: Marec G, Maitre M, Pinglot F and Lefebvre E
Year: 1988
Periodical/Journal: Ice Core Drilling. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology (eds C. Rado and D. Beaudoing)
Page Range: 72-85

Handling water make thermal drills rather tricky to use. People obtaining such a drill in very cold ice face with two main problems:

  • know at any time what is going on in the drill,
  • be able to operate from the control desk in surface a few apparatus located in the drill.

In order to improve reliability of our 4000 meters thermal drill, researches have been carried on about specific telemetering and remote control electronic circuits.

Purpose of this paper is to give a few informations about two tests systems designed in order to compare reliability, efficiency, implementation and use of two transmissions principles, one using a frequency division multiplexing and the other a time division multiplexing principles.

A third final system should be designed after the first field tests taking very likely into account both transmission principles.

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