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A Danish Contribution to the Family of Hot-Water Glacier Drills
Authors: Olesen OB
Year: 1988
Periodical/Journal: Ice Core Drilling. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Ice Drilling Technology (eds C. Rado and D. Beaudoing)
Page Range: 140-148

A high-pressure hot-water drill has been used successfully down to 400 m in ice with a temperature of -2 oC at the margin of the Greenland ice sheet. An average speed of about 5 m per minute for the top 100 m has been achieved. The complete drilling system, inclusive of tools and 600 m of drilling hose, has been reduced to 473 kg with the heaviest single unit weighing 127 kg. The drill system is equipped with a guiding system consisting of a load cell and a built-in inclinometer.

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