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The 1993 Greenland Field Season After Operations Report For NSF-Sponsored Projects
Authors: Polar Ice Coring Office
Year: 1994
Periodical/Journal: PICO OR-93-04
Page Range: 1-23

The 1993 GISP2 Greenland field season produced the deepest ice core ever recovered. Final 3053.51 meters including the transition between ice and basement rock. 802.2 meters of core was obtained as well as 1.55 meters of oriented rock core. This represents the first time that an ice core has been extended through the ice/rock interface.

The 1993 season also brought PICO many new challenges as the United States Air Force closed operations in Sondrestrom, Greenland. With this closure, the Greenland Home Rule Government assumed all responsibilities of operations in Kangerlussuaq, effecting the availability of many services and supplies.

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